Montag, 10. März 2014


Dear friends,

it has taken some time, but a new release on JSR is coming up soon. In cooperation witt Campary records we release the fourth part of the legendary Compilation series SCREAMING FOR A BETTER FUTURE.
Nearly 25 years after the release of the first SFABF-Sampler, a new piece of this DIY-Punk-compilation will be out soon. This is also a benefit compilation for the following projects: KvU Berlin, Linkes Zentrum Duesseldorf and Café Exil Hamburg.
The tracklist features well-known heroes of the international HC-Punk-scene like OI POLLOI (Scotland), DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE (Germany), EYE FOR AN EYE (Poland) as a bunch of new and interesting acts as WICKED (Switzerland), LOS DISCKOLOS (Argentina) or THE BRUNETTEZ (Germany).
Mailorders, Distros and Lables are welcome for swaping and trading records!

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