Montag, 10. März 2014


Dear friends,

it has taken some time, but a new release on JSR is coming up soon. In cooperation witt Campary records we release the fourth part of the legendary Compilation series SCREAMING FOR A BETTER FUTURE.
Nearly 25 years after the release of the first SFABF-Sampler, a new piece of this DIY-Punk-compilation will be out soon. This is also a benefit compilation for the following projects: KvU Berlin, Linkes Zentrum Duesseldorf and Café Exil Hamburg.
The tracklist features well-known heroes of the international HC-Punk-scene like OI POLLOI (Scotland), DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE (Germany), EYE FOR AN EYE (Poland) as a bunch of new and interesting acts as WICKED (Switzerland), LOS DISCKOLOS (Argentina) or THE BRUNETTEZ (Germany).
Mailorders, Distros and Lables are welcome for swaping and trading records!

Montag, 5. August 2013


Ok, ok, es ist einige Zeit her, seit hier mal was passiert ist. man könnte denken, dieser Blog wäre verwaist - dem ist aber nicht so. JOHN STEAM RECORDS ist immer noch aktiv, nach der großartigen und immer noch erhältlichen LP "Das Stockholmsyndrom" von den Faeroer-Punks 200, stand als nächste Kooperation mit einigen anderen Labels eine neue EP von einer Band an, auf die man sich im Laufe von 30 Jahren Punk-Geschichte immer verlassen konnte:


Für  die, die sie komplett verpasst haben: DSS kommen aus Düsseldorf, sind seit drei Jahrzehnten aus der Punkszene dieses Landes nicht wegzudenken. D.I.Y. war dabei immer die Devise und Sänger Armin quasi der gute Hirte der Schwarzen Schafs-Herde, nämlich derjenige, der immer konstant dabei blieb und auf Campary Records immer neue Platten von den Schafen und befreundeten Bands rausbringt.

Durch fleißige Netzwerkerei von beiden Seiten ist auch JOHN STEAM am neuesten DSS- Werk beteiligt - die 2013er-EP "Revolution" mit drei neuen Songs, die in bester Schwarze-Schafe-Tradition stehen. Das titelgebende "Revolution" ist dabei fast schon ein hymnisches und kämpferisches Stück Punkrock, für die sich die Band gesangliche Unterstützung von gar nicht so unbekannten Gastsaengern der ersten Anarchopunk-Garde wie OI POLLOI, PUNK LUREX OK, ATTENTAT SONORE, NAKED AGGRESSION, EYE FOR AN EYE oder SIN LOGICA geholt hat.

Damit wäre eigentlich schon alles gesagt, außer, dass sich diese EP natürlich allein schon wegen ihres hübschen roten Vinyls lohnt.

MAILORDER and DISTROS - get in touch! JOHN STEAM is always interested in swapping records!

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

200 - DAS STOCKHOLMSYDROM - Releaseparty!

Yeah folks, it is true! After a long time of struggling and spending time with carefully colouring our nails, the first LP-release on John Steam Records, "DAS STOCKHOLMSYNDROM" of the only Punkband of the Faroe islands, 200 (Tveyhundrett), will be out soon. Exactly, on Friday, 13th of June! Oh, don't be that superstitious because of the date, it really doesn't matter.
Of course such an event needs to be celebrated and so we invite you to the releaseparty:

200 - DAS STOCKHOLMSYNDROM - Releaseparty
Tuesday, 12.07.2012
DJ-Set by East India Fading Company and special guest
Start: 10.00 p.m.
Trickster, Oberbaumstr. 11
10999 Berlin

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

COMING SOON! 200 on John Steam Rec.

FIRST LONGPLAYER of a Faroese Band on John Steam Records ever! 
Faroese Islands only punkband 200 releases its masterpiece "Stokkholmsyndromid" from 2009 first time on vinyl as a "german" version titled "DAS STOCKHOLMSYNDROM", limited vinyl edition of 500 pieces!

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

John Steam Records - now alive!

Dear friends,
so here we are.
John Steam Records, the label named after a german jack of all trades, got eventually its own base in the wide wide net. Welcome, my friends, have a seat and take a beer.
I am so proud that this could finally happen. One year ago, the idea of releasing records, I mean real records was still another of many ideas in my head - that often become true but also often enough it takes some time.
But  I don't want to bore you with the history of JSR and the connections to other cozy projects like The Renfield-Zine ( , Gary Flanell & Ella Chord or the mighty KUNSTKACKE SOUNDSYSTEM.
But some words for the reasons of all this: It might be quite obviously that the reason for starting a label like this is not to get rich in a few days but the idea of publishing records of friends, projects and bands I really appreciate and that are worth to be released.
And - although the first 2 records are punkrock-   
JOHN STEAM RECORDS is not a punkrock-only label.
So far this all went quite well. The first Release of John Stream was the "Asphaltcowboy"-7inch of Berlin-based Punkband in WELTRAUMSCHROTT (which means Space junk) - wonderful, energetic and reflective punkrock with german lyrics and musically influenced by LETHERFACE, SNUFF and DACKELBLUT.
The second release so far is the amazing single of the amazing guy called NEONBONE. A guy who played all instruments for his first 6-Song-7-inch in the studio by himself. And a guy who knows how to write wonderful catchy Pop-Punkrock-anthemns in the way of the RAMONES/M.O.T.O. and Weezer.
More postings about upcoming releases (for example the german edition of "Stokkholmsyndromid", the last record of the Farfoese Punkband 200, or the audiobook of Kreuzberg godfather of Slampoetry DON CHRISCHAN) will come soon.
So I am sure we'll meet again but I hope you understand that I have to leave the flat NOW!
 I mean, it is a sunday afternoon, actually the first real spring sunday afternoon here in Berlin, friends a are calling me for a barbecue at the park, so I have to go outside and give the spring a warm applause for being back. I am sure you understand.
Gary Flanell.